53 thoughts on “Need Suggestions But Be Brutally Honest Please

  1. I like #3 because I like the font size and the style of a short, all caps word. It looks stylish. But I don’t think it would be clear to someone new to your site what BLB stands for. I feel like the yellow in #1 fits your bright personality and the light heartedness of your blog, but I’m not sure about the circle. I think it would allow the text to stand out more if it was thinner.

    Designing a logo is an exciting part of having a blog and I’m looking forward to seeing what you choose. Have you tried Canva or Fiver? I’ve seen some really cute logos come out of the latter.

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    1. I did this on Canvas, but I think I might have my husband do it from scratch, as you know, I am not tech savvy. You saw Bushras boutique FB page on my side bar, my husband did that logo from scratch in Photoshop, please take a look at it. That’s why I wanted honest opinions, once I pick one then I will stick with that. Thank you so much for being honest.

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  2. Id go for 4. Font and size is popular. Times Roman is it? I know that is a given in the publishing world. Bold enough to create an impact. Reveals everything succinctly AND is kissed with a sunshiny outline. .

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      1. Thank you for the kindness and concern. He is presently relaxing on the sofa. Getting him to the vet was tough but his paw is healing and he has a collar. The kids cant help smiling at him, as he tries to escape from it. You should google the funny videos and show the kids. Mine are young adults and they say he has a satellite dish, Leo is oblivious though, he is lapping up the love and attention.

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  3. Maybe do a circle shape with your whole name, make the circle multi-colored using the eyedropper to pick up the colors in your outfit and headscarf. Maybe coordinate the circles with your picture and use as color scheme for your blog.

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  4. It’s # 4 and # 5 for me. The first one is bolder and catchy but the other one has a clean and elegant vibe. What is the image that you want to communicate? This is the question you should ask yourself. It will help you make the right decision. Good luck.

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      1. Have you sent your questions yet? I have not received anything from you, I think. I have a new pic for you if you want. I’ll send it to you. Have a great and creative Sunday.


                  1. Just got it now. I will check my spam folder. Maybe it is where your message was sent. Don’t know why???? No worries, ok. Everything will be alright. You will be my priority first thing Monday morning. ๐ŸŒบ

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      1. Wonderful interview. Your questions are very relevant Bushra. I appreciated Diane’s honest answers and her great generosity. We easily guess that she is a warm person who enjoys sharing her experience in order to make others benefit from it. I visited her site and I must say that I particularly like her creativity, but also her determination and her frankness. These are essential qualities for all bloggers who want to know some success in the blogosphere. This aspect of Diane’s personality comes out in the interview, which is very pleasant to read by the way. Congratulations to both of you and thank you, Bushra, for sharing!

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